I love getting crafty with what is available around the house and make cheap last minute crafts, especially for Halloween!  Star Noir Studio joined me at Melissa Timm Designs workshop to create some really quick and really easy Halloween crafts.   BOO banner Items you will need: construction paper printed letters tape or glue stick […]

James Glenick’s 1999 book, Faster, states that they average American spends 16 minutes a day looking for lost items.  That adds up to about 4 full days over the course of a year spent searching for missing keys, wallets, and whatever else you can’t seem to locate.  According to a study from a Boston Marketing […]

Welcome to our new blog! Here we will cover all sorts of ideas for decorating, party planning, and organization with a budget as well as a little style in mind.   I hope you’ll join me while I decorate everything on the planet. So, a little about my itty bitty business making tiny little jars…  I […]

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