(Begin with Part I of the Taylor wedding here.) After the last buttons had been buttoned and the final lunch plates were cleared, the wedding entourage began to inch toward the ceremony with smiles on their faces, the couple with a thousand butterflies in their stomachs. Before leaving her dressing quarters at The Standard, Megan set […]

Decadence. Glamor. Opulence. All of these words, while accurate, fall short of describing the precise shape and hue of Megan and Nick Taylor’s June wedding. In fact, the sheer magnitude of the affair necessitates that its descriptions, in all of their detail, be sectioned out in the interest of savoring the moments of the day, […]

You’re recently engaged and ready to charge full-speed ahead into planning your wedding. You’ve gathered your mom, your sister, and all of your girlfriends together to attend the Pink Bride, Tennessee’s leading bridal show. With over one hundred fabulous vendors, however, the show can be incredibly overwhelming if you don’t go in with a game […]

Continuing the theme of venues we love, we wanted to ensure that we took the time to mention one of our all-time favorite venues, Dara’s Garden. Nestled in the countryside of south Knoxville, Dara’s Garden is a storybook setting for any wedding that aspires to an air of elegance and sophistication. Located on twenty acres […]

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