Recently engaged? Congratulations; we’re thrilled for you! You’re enamored with excitement and ideas, and you absolutely cannot wait for your wedding day! There’s just one problem: you have┬áno idea how to start planning. No worries! The checklist below is the first in a series which will outline some of the most important steps to planning […]

On your wedding day, you want all of your guests to be as excited as you are. However, out of town guests are especially susceptible to a post-travel slump; they’ve driven all day, fighting traffic and squinting against the sun, and may not be in the be in the best mood once they’ve finally arrived […]

If you’re planning your wedding, you know as well as anyone that creating and outlining your budget can be a daunting task to complete. You expect your venue and catering to be your biggest expenses, sure–until you start talking to photographers. Suddenly you’re in shell shock, astonished at the number of zeros on the photographer’s […]

In honor of Small Business Week, we wanted to focus this week’s blog on one of our favorite small businesses, Unique Settings Rentals!                                 Recently named a Biz Champion by SCORE Mentors and Sam’s Club, Unique Settings Rentals is the […]

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