As you peruse Pinterest in your quest to develop a wedding aesthetic, you may begin to realize the extent to which your linen choices inform the overall visual experience of your celebration. Do you echo your wedding colors or keep it neutral? Do you swag drapery or let it hang straight? These are questions we, […]

Are you tired of the same bridal shows you’ve been attending since you got engaged? Maybe you’re looking for something new–something exciting. You’re in luck! Sponsored by the Bride Link, Bridal Wars is coming to Cool Sports in Knoxville this Sunday, August 27, at 1 PM, and we’re here to tell you what to expect from […]

As the weather slowly starts to cool and we inch closer and closer to the beginning of autumn, we are seeing an influx of rustic and fall-inspired wedding details that have us swooning–especially the edible ones. Therefore, in celebration of the return of all things rustic, we bring you a little throwback to our list […]

Hi everybody! We’re back this week with what you’ve been waiting for–the conclusion to our Starting Something Sweet series! This final installment to our collection of less-stress wedding checklists is all about what to do when the wedding is over, you’re back home from your honeymoon, and you wonder what loose strings you’ve forgotten to […]

As promised in last week’s blog, we’re back today to quell your Alfred Angelo anxieties. This time, however, we are focusing on alternative retailers of bridesmaids’ gowns–and yes, even a few rental services. Bridesmaids’ Gowns for Purchase: Weddington Way. A primarily online retailer, Weddington Way has collaborated with several ready-to-wear designers to create beautiful and affordable […]

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