During the wedding planning process, so many details will depend on your chosen event date. From your wedding style and decor to your event venue, your wedding date is the crucial component upon which your celebration depends. At the same time, however, an abundance of brides are often unaware of how their dates will affect […]

We’re two weeks into December, and Christmas is around the corner! As you’re planning for holiday parties and your annual Christmas dinner, you might consider adding a little flair to your tablescape or home decor with our adorable DIY Christmas present centerpieces! Not only are they easy to make, but they’re also guaranteed to bring […]

As nation-wide coordinators, we have seen a lot of weddings. Big, small, elegant, rustic, we’re firm believers that any wedding you want can happen anywhere. After all, it’s a celebration of you completely centered around what you want out of the day. In this vein, we wanted to take a moment today to discuss two very different, […]

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