“My wedding venue comes with a coordinator! I don’t even have to hire a planner! Why does everyone else think they need one?” This was a statement we overheard last week that made us nervous for someone we didn’t even know. But we get it—unless you’re in this industry, a venue coordinator and a wedding […]

We all know (generally, at least) the etiquette of what responsibilities fall on your bridal attendants and vendors during the wedding planning process, but do you know how the breakdown works when the day finally arrives? If not, you’re about to! Below, we have outlined some general responsibilities for your coordinator, your point person, and […]

We’re switching it up a little bit today with a guest blog from Cassandra Reilly all about how to plan the best outdoor wedding! We loved her fresh take on the planning process, and we thought that everyone else would too! Everyone Loves a Tennessee Wedding Reception – How to Make it a Success Why […]

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