You’re getting married—congratulations! The next question, however, is where. This week, we are spotlighting three premier Knoxville wedding venues guaranteed to exceed any and all expectations. By choosing a venue from the list below, we ensure (from experience) that you will have the wedding of your dreams, whatever that means to you! Dara’s Garden. Located […]

At the end of your wedding day, you want to create one last breathtaking moment to conclude the evening with a grand exit. However, unless you’re frequently involved in weddings (or just have an avid Pinterest habit), you may not know how many send-off options you have. Below is a list of possibilities to get […]

If you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding, you know that, while beautiful, not all weddings are the most entertaining events to attend. You sit through a ceremony, mingle for an hour, have a meal, and then sneak out after offering your well wishes to the couple. As the bride, however, you want for […]

Sure, maybe you have a caterer or a preferred menu in mind, but what kind of catering do you want for your wedding reception? Not sure how to answer that question? We’ve got you! Below, we have outlined four of the most common wedding catering styles. Plated. For the traditionalists out there, or for the bride who […]

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