Hi everybody! We’re back this week with what you’ve been waiting for–the conclusion to our Starting Something Sweet series! This final installment to our collection of less-stress wedding checklists is all about what to do when the wedding is over, you’re back home from your honeymoon, and you wonder what loose strings you’ve forgotten to […]

It’s the penultimate checklist in our Starting Something Sweet series, and today, we’re focusing on the lead-up to your wedding: your rehearsal dinner! By taking the following steps, we assure that your wedding’s rehearsal dinner will be a scintillating celebration! Establish a rehearsal time and location with your coordinator. You most likely want for this […]

We’ve spent the last several weeks unpacking the details of the more stressful aspects of your wedding–printwork, timelines, ceremonies, and florals. Today, however, we thought we’d focus on something a bit less strenuous, and a lot more fun. This week’s installation in our Starting Something Sweet series is dedicated to the reward for all of your […]

Beyond the aesthetic integrity of your chosen venue and the inimitable flare of your carefully curated decor, what is the single most eye-catching detail required to craft a wedding’s amorous atmosphere? Florals. Altar arbors, aisle arrangements, centerpieces, and bouquets contribute hugely to the overall experience of your wedding, the reality of which can make selecting […]

We’ve discussed how to approach planning your wedding, as well as your prints and timeline, but today’s installation in our Starting Something Sweet series is even more central to achieving the wedding of your dreams–shaping your ceremony! Below is a brief list detailing the steps necessary to ensure that the central event of your wedding […]

 The third installment in our Starting Something Sweet series, this week, we’re diving into the governing factor of your wedding day: your timeline. While you may think, all we have to do is keep all of our events in order; how hard can that be?, we’re here to tell you that unfortunately, it’s not quite that […]

Continuing with the wedding planning checklist series we introduced last week, this week’s post focuses on a less-stress timeline for ordering and mailing your save-the-dates, invitations, and RSVPs! While we know that this aspect of planning your wedding can be taxing, we assure you that this checklist will make the entire printwork process a breeze. […]

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