November 21, 2017

Cute Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s almost December, and we are definitely feeling the Christmas spirit here at Custom Love. However, with the holiday quickly approaching, we’ve heard from so many of you who are panicking about finding the right gifts to suit all of the people in their lives. But don’t worry, we’re here to alleviate all of those anxieties! This week, we’re coming to you with a few festive ideas from our Etsy shop┬áthat absolutely anyone would love to receive. Even better, they’re made by hand with love–how could you go wrong with that?

(Photographer: Sarah McAffry)

  1. Peppermint Bath Salts. Our two-ounce peppermint bath salts are an adorable way to express gratitude and holiday cheer to coworkers, staff members, or anyone in your life who needs to de-stress over the Christmas break! Dressed in your choice of seasonal fabrics, these hand-made favors are filled with aromatic peppermint bath salts, tied with a bow, and even come with a cute three-inch scoop that fits perfectly into the jar. We also have a four-ounce size, if your intended recipient needs an extra bit of relaxation.

    (Photographer: Sarah McAffry)

  2. Hot Chocolate Mini Mason Jar Mugs. These mini mason jar mugs are ideal gifts for all of your loved ones dreaming of a sweet Christmas! Filled with hot chocolate mix (including tiny marshmallows!) and topped with your favorite color or pattern, each mug includes a mini candy cane tied with your choice of ribbon or twine, making a lovely presentation which is sure to warm the hearts of the people who matter most.

    (Photographer: JOPHOTO)

  3. Warmest Thanks Tags. Maybe you’ve already got a gift project in the works, but it’s just missing that final detail to pull it all together? These little tags may be what you’re looking for. Tie them to almost anything, and you’re sure to see smiles all around. These also work great as tags on your gift boxes–just write your name or a brief, heartfelt message on the back!

Do you have any other cute Christmas gift ideas? Let us know in an email to! Otherwise, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll be back soon. Happy holidays, everyone!


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