November 8, 2016

Election 2016: The Best of Custom Love


It’s election day! Let’s break up all the politics filling up your newsfeed and focus on some beautifully designed photo shoots! We’re running a contest and letting our fans choose which of the last year’s shoots was your very favorite! Voting ends at midnight on Sunday, so be sure to comment with your selection! And don’t worry, there’s no voter fraud in this election–you can vote as many times as you want!

A. Blueberries


(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)


B. Blush and Gold Garden


C. Bohemian Daydreams

D.  Moody Blues


E. Southwestern Chic

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

F. Marrying in the Mountains

(Photographer: Red Boat Photography)


For more information on any of the vendors involved in the shoots above, feel free to email!



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