September 12, 2017

Eleven Kinds of Signs Every Wedding Should Have

Sometimes, it’s the little details that can be the hardest to remember. Luckily, as is our specialty, we’re here to help you with one facet of your wedding planning process–making sure that you have all of the signage you need! Below is a list of eleven must-have wedding signs to ensure that your event proceeds as planned!

(Photographer: Star Noir Photography)

  • Road Signs/Wedding This Way. If your venue is hard to spot off a main road, using road signs will help to guide your guests to your event.
  • Welcome Signs. Welcome your guests (and let them know they are at the right wedding) using a cute little sign with the names of the couple.
  • Guest Book Signs.  Using a little signage to highlight the guest book area will encourage guests to sign your mementos and also grab their attention so they know it is there
  • Gift Table Signs. An empty gift table is just a table, so let the first few guests know that is the correct place to leave gifts so they don’t lug them around to the ceremony.

(Photographer: Star Noir Photography)

  • Program. If it is not in the budget to print separate programs for each guest attending your ceremony, one master program on a large sign or chalkboard can be a perfect solution.
  • Reserved Seating (Ceremony). Most guests know that the front row is reserved for immediate family, but what about the second row? And the third? Sometimes polite cousins will seat themselves in the back when you really wanted them to closer to the front. I always recommend using signs that specifically state the relationship of the members sitting in each row. Examples are “Reserved for Parents & Grandparents” (first row), “Reserved for Uncles & Aunts” (second row), and “Reserved for the cousins & family of the bride” (third row).
  • Reserved Seating (Reception). You must have a reserved table for your closest family members, usually placed next to the head table or sweetheart table. Most often, the family is taking pictures at the start of the reception, and without a Reserved sign, the mother or father of the bride may lose their seat! Avoid this disaster and use “Reserved for family of the Bride/Groom” signage for the family tables as well as the bridal party table.

(Photographer: Jimmy & Kim Photography)

  • Menu Signs. Let your guests know what is on the menu with a little decorative signage by your buffet or individual menu cards placed on the tables.
  • Bar Signs. Let guest know your signature drink, wine or beer choices, or even announce whether it is an open or cash bar (if you want) with a little signage that is informative and decorative.
  • Favor Signage. Encourage your guests to take a favor with a cute little sign so they know it is more than just a cute display–it’s a gift for them to take home!
  • Exit Signage. I always recommend having a sign listing the time for the grand exit (and put it where guests will see it early in the event, like by the gift table). “Let love sparkle at 9:15” is an example for a sparkler exit. This way the guest that wants to leave at 9 PM will be encouraged to stay to see the couple’s big exit, and without the sign, they would have missed it!

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