January 9, 2018

Finding Your Wedding Vision

One of the most important steps in wedding planning, establishing your wedding vision is a step you should take on as early as possible, as the decisions you make here will necessarily inform the rest of the planning process. From your vendors and venue to stationery and favors, cultivating your wedding vision is paramount to the success of your dream ceremony and reception. Today, we’re here with a few tips for developing your wedding vision.

(Photographer: Eden Bliss Weddings)

  • Size. Are you looking for an intimate celebration with less than a hundred guests, or are you going all-out? This will affect your decisions about venues, vendors, and your overall wedding budget, so be sure you know what you want early on.
  • Type. Do you want an elopement or a full wedding with a ceremony and a reception? How about a civil ceremony only with a private party afterward? You must make these decisions before moving forward, as this will greatly affect your choices of venue, your guest list, and your budget.

(Photographer: Star Noir Photography)

  • Location. Do you want to get married locally, or are you dreaming of a destination wedding? You’ll have to figure in travel costs as well as your guests’ schedules when making this decision.
  • Style. Do you dream of an elegant affair or something a little more low-key? You’ll need to know what direction you want to go here before you start buying décor, and it could easily narrow down your list of potential venues.

(Photographer: Star Noir Photography)

  • Theme. Is there a certain look, book, or idea that you and your fiancé want to incorporate into your wedding? If so, pinning this down will help guide you toward décor, invitation motifs, and color schemes that will work with your wedding theme.
  • Budget. One of the most important factors in wedding planning, your budget will literally dictate what is included in your wedding and what gets left out. You have to have a realistic understanding of how much money you can spend on each component of your wedding before you make any decisions.

These are just a few points you want to be sure of before moving forward with wedding planning, and there will be more to come! On Wednesday, January 17, we will be presenting a live webinar going into the details of planning your wedding vision with even more information and guidance! Want to make sure you don’t miss it? Enter your name and email in the fields below, and we’ll send you a reminder with the details an hour before we go live. We hope to see you then!

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