March 6, 2018

Planning the Best Tennessee Wedding Reception

We’re switching it up a little bit today with a guest blog from Cassandra Reilly all about how to plan the best outdoor wedding! We loved her fresh take on the planning process, and we thought that everyone else would too!

Everyone Loves a Tennessee Wedding Reception – How to Make it a Success

Why Tennessee? The top Google research says, “because of the men,” but if you’re planning your wedding reception, you already know that. For many, tying the knot and hosting your wedding reception in Tennessee is a dream come true. From views of the Smoky Mountains’ rolling hills to a rich musical and cultural history, it has it all. From Knoxville to Nashville to Memphis, you’re in a state that can host almost any kind of reception you want. A captivating reception is what makes your wedding fun and memorable. With the right procedure, collaboration, and preparation, you are assured of a fabulous celebration on your big day. Below is a guide on how to have a memorable and exceptional reception.

(Photographer: Eden Bliss Weddings)

Plan Early

Tennessee might be the Volunteer State, but you’re going to have to plan it yourself. A well-organized reception is set to leave every guest happy and comfortable. As Tennessee is known to have many festivals and events, you first need to take note of the happenings. If there are other major celebrations on your big day, you will probably encounter traffic and parking problems. By planning ahead, you will be able to design a seamless experience for all your guests. Create a checklist of everything you need. Start by charting a well-thought-out and fun seating format. You can prepare items like escort cards, place cards, and signs to inform and direct your guests of where they need to be. According to an event management platform, proper communication with attendees at check-in plays a big role in the success of the event. This helps prevent confusion, time loss, and creates a good first impression. Having trained personnel around is also essential to welcome and guide guests and resolve any issues. A Huffington Post article on how to get the best from your wedding vendors notes that working with the right experts ensures you have a great experience.

(Photographer: Eden Bliss Weddings               Venue: The Barn at Chestnut Springs)

Get the Venue Right

Regardless of the style you want, the reception venue you choose can make or break of your celebration. Whether you fancy a sit-in, cocktail, or picnic party, always keep in mind that guests just want to have a ceremony where they can have fun, refresh and be entertained. When scouting for a venue, take into account its space in accordance with your guest count, your budget, the parking area, restroom options, catering service, ventilation, and weather. The place should be inviting, and you can add decorations to make it more appealing. If you are planning an outdoor event, ensure that you have an indoor alternative in case conditions change. From a quiet celebration in the mountainside farms, a ballroom dance affair, or a rowdy party in the heart of the city, Tennessee has many options for you to explore.

(Photographer: Leah Moyers)

Make the Guests Feel Appreciated

Making your guest feel special can leave them with lifetime memories of your event. You can start by anticipating their needs and creating goodies. Try to incorporate local taste and tradition in your treats. Gift bags filled with personalized goodies such as guitar shaped bites, a mini bottle of a popular local drink, picture frames, stationery, favors, candles, and handwritten thank you notes help display a gesture of appreciation. Also make an effort and have quick face time with every attendee by greeting them, taking pictures and having quick chats. According to a Hadley Court article on making your guests feel welcome, the parting gift should remind your guests of the great evening they shared with you.

(Photographer: Leah Moyers)

Choose Your Entertainment Carefully

To keep the party going, go for a DJ or band that can keep everyone entertained and engaged. Tennessee is a music hot spot, and therefore your guests will have big expectations. Guide the DJ about the taste of your guests and the style of music to play, and provide a list of must-play and don’t-play songs. The music volume should be low enough to keep conversations going and loud enough to keep people dancing. You can also spice up your entertainment by bringing in a street performer, salsa dancer, or an acrobat. With this approach, everyone is guaranteed a fun time.

Preparing and sharing ideas with your partner and family can have a positive impact on the flow of your wedding celebration. Regardless of your budget, style or theme of your party, a clear and timely plan ensures everything is on track, keeps you relaxed, and makes your big day unforgettable. With these tips, everyone will surely have fun and enjoy your special day.



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