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July 18, 2017

Starting Something Sweet: A Ravishing Rehearsal

It’s the penultimate checklist in our Starting Something Sweet series, and today, we’re focusing on the lead-up to your wedding: your rehearsal dinner! By taking the following steps, we assure that your wedding’s rehearsal dinner will be a scintillating celebration!

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  • Establish a rehearsal time and location with your coordinator. You most likely want for this event to take place as close to your wedding date as possible (the night before is ideal).
  • Confirm your rehearsal dinner time and location with your wedding coordinator and the members of your wedding party. Add the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner times to your wedding timeline, or ensure that your coordinator has done so.
  • Order rehearsal dinner invitations, if desired.

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  • Finalize the dinner and drink menu, if offering a restricted menu separate from the venue’s master menu.
  • Send out rehearsal dinner invitations, if desired.
  • Send a reminder email detailing rehearsal date, time, and location to your coordinator and wedding party one week before the date of the rehearsal.
  • Confirm your final guest count and reconfirm final details with restaurant or venue. Compose toasts for the rehearsal dinner.

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  • Rehearse the processional, ceremony, and recessional procedure with your coordinator and wedding party; we recommend rehearsing these procedures twice.
  • Enjoy your rehearsal dinner! This is the celebration of successfully having planned your wedding!
  • If you have purchased gifts for your wedding party or family, deliver them to their recipients here.

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

If you see anything that you believe we’ve missed, as always, send us an email at Otherwise, we’ll be back next week for the final installment of our Starting Something Sweet Series! See you then!


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