January 10, 2018

Three Wedding Budget Tips

As anyone planning a wedding is well aware, figuring out your wedding budget can be quite the daunting task. Where to splurge, where to save, and how to cover all of your bases are questions that keep many brides and grooms awake at night, poring over excel spreadsheets with fatigued expressions painted across their faces. All hope, however, is not lost! Below are three tips certain to streamline the budget process and create a less-stress starting point for planning your wedding.

(Photographer: Leah Moyers)

  1. Figure out where your money is coming from. This question is probably the most important factor for determining your budget. Are both sets of parents contributing to the wedding? Are you keeping it traditional with the bride’s family footing the bill, or are you paying for your wedding yourself? Until you know the source of your finances, it’s difficult to even begin looking at vendors and laying out a realistic groundwork for your celebration.

    (Photographer: Danielle Evans Photography. Florals: LB Floral)

  2. Prioritize what you want. Everyone knows that weddings are expensive, which is why you have to know what’s important enough to allocate what funds and what can be stricken from the roster if necessary. If you want gorgeous, dense centerpieces at every table from your favorite florist, you may need to scale back on your rentals. Similarly, if you’re fine with an ipod and an aux cord rather than a DJ, you immediately have extra funds to channel into another vendor. Just remember that, more often than not, your venue and caterer will account for the majority of your budget, so plan accordingly from there.

    (Photo credit: in-house)

  3. Utilize any friends and professional connections. Maybe your uncle works at a print shop or you went to college with an amazing photographer–use these connections to maximize your savings and book services at discounted rates. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice on quality, but if you find a vendor you trust who will give you a friends and family rate, why not take advantage of the opportunity? Every dollar helps when it comes to a wedding.

(Photographer: Jimmy & Kim Photography)

Do you have any other tips for creating a wedding budget? Send them to, and we may add them to our list! Otherwise, we’ll be back next week!

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