January 30, 2018

Wedding Guest List Checklist

While we love wedding planning, we know that not every aspect of the process is going to be as thrilling as shopping for the dress or choosing décor. One of the most dreaded parts of planning, creating the guest list often begins with questions and ends with stress and frustration. By following the four tips below, however, you can minimize the mayhem and stay on track as you plan who to invite to your wedding!

  1. Be efficient. Don’t try to create one mammoth guest list. Instead, create an A-list consisting of family and friends who you absolutely have to have at the wedding, then a B-list of people you would like to come, and finally, a C-list of people to invite if (and only if) you have room. Besides, you have to consider the size of your venue. You need 20-30 square feet of space per person, so it’s easy to calculate your cap if you’ve already booked a venue.

    (Photographer: JoPhoto)

  2. Be fair. Traditionally, you and your fiancé get custody of half of your guest list, while each set of parents divides the remaining half. However, building your guest list is becoming more and more of a personal effort as long as everyone realizes that your wedding day is about being surrounded by the people you love the most.

    (Photographer: Star Noir Photography)

  3. Be realistic. Remember that catering is a huge component of your budget, and each name on your guest list comes with a price tag. Of course, you would love to be able to invite everyone, but that simply isn’t financially possible for 99.9% of engaged couples. Start with family and your closest friends before getting into polite coworkers and childhood summer camp acquaintances. Furthermore, if you’re trying to keep your list as small as possible, consider cutting kids and plus-ones for anyone who isn’t in a committed relationship.

    (Photographer: Leah Moyers)

  4. Be firm. Once you’ve finalized your list, stick to it. Don’t let anyone pressure you into adding people just because—remember that you’re the one with final say. However, we understand that last-minute additions do sometimes have to happen, and we recommend setting a hard deadline for these just in case.

    (Photographer: Eden Bliss Weddings)

Do you have any other tips for creating a wedding guest list? Fill out the form below and let us know! We’ll be back next week.

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