October 24, 2018

First Look Alternatives



You are wanting to be traditional and have your first look at the altar, but you also want to have a special moment with your partner before your “I Do’s”. Last year, over half of couples say that they wanted to have some sort of first look. But if you still want to have that special moment with your fiancé without sacrificing the surprise, there are many happy mediums. We’ve given you a few options for an alternative first look.

First look with Mom and/or Dad

While you save the final look for your fiancé, another option would be to have a first look with someone else. Whether you’re a Daddy’s girl or a Mama’s girl, you might want to honor them raising you with a first look by themselves. My favorite is when the fathers look at their little girl, for the first time, all grown up in her wedding gown. This reminds them that while you’re getting married, you’ll always be their little girl. Another option would be to have a first look with your bridesmaids.

First look with Bridesmaids

Your Bride Tribe, your Girl Squad, your Best Friends. Whatever name you want to call them, these are the ladies (and guys) who have been with you through all stages of your life! A great way to reward them is to let them have their private moment with you before all of the festivities! While some might choose to have the bridesmaids come in one at a time, it might be better time management for all of them to be present during your big reveal.

No look, first look

You love the idea of seeing your fiancé for the first time as you walk down the aisle, but you still want to have a private moment with him before the ceremony. Within the past few years, a no-look, first look has become extremely popular, and for good reason! Each of you stands against a partition (such as a door or corner). You can choose to hold hands, or simply speak to one another. Either way, it is an unforgettable moment that you both will cherish for a lifetime!


This is definitely a more unique approach, but it has gained some momentum. You want to see your fiancé but you don’t want them to see you? This is a great option for you! Have a groomsman or bridesmaid blindfold them beforehand to test to make sure they can’t see anything. Once your fiancé is dressed, the both of you meet (with a groomsman or bridesmaid leading them out to you). You get the chance to hold them a little closer before the big moment arrives, but you still are hidden from their view.

wedding first look

Nowadays, there are some fantastic alternative first looks that you can choose from! What are some other ideas for an alternate first look? We would love to hear them! Email us at Otherwise, we will be back next week!


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