May 15, 2018

First Look Wedding Pros and Cons

A hotly debated topic in the modern wedding conversation, whether or not to do a first look is a question every couple asks themselves during the wedding planning process. Each argument, of course, has its own merits, as one is based in tradition while the other strives to maximize time efficiency. But which choice is right for you? Below, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of doing a first look! Be sure to keep all of this information in mind when making your final decisions.

(Photographer: Jimmy + Kim Photography)

Pros: The advantages of doing a first look are plentiful. First, it’s the most efficient use of your photography time, as choosing to take as many couple photos before the wedding allows the photographer to get more candid shots of the reception and allows you to spend more time with your guests. Additionally, many brides feel that having this intimate moment one-on-one alleviates some of the nervousness that comes with the day as well as allowing for one of the only private moments you’ll have during your wedding. Our favorite part of a first look, nevertheless, is the assortment of gorgeous and deeply emotional photographs that come as a result of this tender, special moment.

(Photographer: JoPhoto)

Cons: Contrarily, there are disadvantages to having a first look, foremost of which is the lack of the fairytale moment of seeing your beloved at the altar for the first time. This is the moment that so many people dream of for their entire lives, and if the big reveal is where your heart lies, then to sacrifice it for the sake of convenience would be foolish. There is an option for compromise, however! If you want to have the feel of a first look without compromising on tradition or surprise, consider a no-peek moment in which you and your significant other take a moment to hold hands around a doorway, or with your backs to one another—just remember to keep your eyes closed!


Whether you decide to do a first look or not, we trust that the choice you make will be the right one for your wedding, and we want to hear how everything worked out! Email us your story at


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