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February 6, 2015

The Bride Guide: Save the Dates

Wedding Planning Tips for Your Save the Dates

On today’s Bride Guide it is all about sharing our best save the date wedding planning tips!

Of course you start first with your guests list. I love using the Wedding Guest List Template from Custom Love Gifts & Events to keep everything organized from start to finish. About 8-10 months before the big day it is time to send your Save the Dates. You can save some time by dividing up the  guest list amongst family and friends and have them help you fill out your contact list with correct up to date addresses. Hand a list of 6 -10 names to your sister, your mother, your father, your best friend, and so on. I always like to include not only the mailing address, but also phone numbers and email addresses. Ask to have the list back with contact info on a certain date. Make this date be way before you actually need the addresses, just in case someone needs some help finishing their list. If you have everyone use the same spreadsheet you can simply copy and paste and viola!… your guest list is now complete and up to date with all contact info!

Wedding Guest List Help

Can I just add one more thing? Those lists of 6-10 guests are a great skeleton outline to use later down the road when planning your seating chart. My reasoning is if all of those people made it to say, your best friend’s list of contacts, they probably all know your best friend.  And most likely you.  This means all of the guests probably have something in common and would totally jive if you sat them at the same table during the reception. It doesn’t always work out perfectly (you probably won’t seat your mom’s friend from college at the family table just because she was on your mom’s contact list), but it is a good starting point when looking at seating.

Name Card Ideas

I always recommend using a postcard size for a save the date. My reasoning is that that postage will be less expensive, and you can wait for the invitations to come out to make a big impression.  A save the date in postcard size is still plenty of space to show a little bit of your style.  You can have a professional designer create Save the Dates, or use a system like Vista Print or Send Out Cards and print your own. Make sure to double-triple-quadruple check everything before printing.

Wedding Tips on Save The Dates

Do not underestimate the time consuming task of addressing envelopes! If you do it by hand give yourself plenty of time and order extras just in case you accidently write your own zip code or misspell a street name. The most efficient addressing system is using  your excel spreadsheet. You can create printed labels or use a system like Send Out Cards to upload your entire guest list.   If time is an issue, but you don’t want to lose out on the elegance of fancy cursive beautifully inked letters, hire your planner to cover this for you. As part of our a la carte services, we offer custom designed envelopes that are addressed by our faux calligraphy machine.


What kind of Save the Dates are you sending out?

Next week we move on to the accommodations, invitations, bridal shower, and registry. YES! We get to go shopping!



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