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January 29, 2015

The Bride Guide: The Designer

What a Wedding Designer Really Does for a Wedding

The Bride Guide Wedding Planner

We have covered what you should expect from a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator and now it is time to talk about my favorite aspect of wedding prep- the design.

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The Wedding Designer

A wedding designer, or stylist, help you create the wedding design concept and choose décor. If style is an important element for you or you just don’t want to be bothered with a sweaty set-up on the morning of your wedding day, a designer may be the answer. A designer will not only offer guidance in styling, but also manage a décor budget and source props, rentals and equipment and create detailed floor plans. Expect a designer to work about 40+ hour on your event depending on the concept and details.

An experienced designer will not only have artistic skills, but they will also be knowledgable about design aspects as far as requirements for set-up, cost, and feasibility.  Not only should a designer be able to source the appropriate props and decor rentals, but they should also have the ability to create something from scratch that fits your vision.  Look for a designer that has published work in national magazines & blogs and is recommend by other professionals in the industry.

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A really good designer has the ability to create something that is not their own style and make it look fantastic.  If you are talking to a designer that continuously tries to push you in a style direction you don’t want to go, don’t hire them!  You want your wedding design to reflect you and your hubby to be, not just pay someone to create their own version of their style on your dime.  A professional designer should be able to prove that they have the skills to pull off a jaw-dropping event with a portfolio of photos, preferred vendors, and exceptional reviews from past clients.

neon groom's attire Perfectcapturephoto.comPerfectcapturephoto.comYou should come to a design meeting with an idea for colors, theme and maybe even your top picks from Pinterest.  Don’t be afraid to come with a ton of ideas, even if they don’t seem to “go together”.  You may be surprised at what a talented designer can do! Design on, my friends!

Tomorrow we talk about The Search.  Find out the best ways to look for your wedding vendors that will save you time and money!

What theme are you using for your wedding?

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