July 3, 2018

Wedding Invitation Wording Tips

As the heralding call to your wedding, your invitations give the first indication of what guests can expect from your wedding. Accordingly, you want to ensure that your invitations mimic the overall aesthetic of your wedding while still providing all necessary details related to the event. Regardless of how you approach your invitation suite, however, there are some essential points you’ll want to include. We’ve outlined them in the list below.

(Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  1. Who is hosting your event? The answer to this question will govern how you approach your invitation wording. If you’re adhering to the tradition in which the bride’s parents host the event, their names will appear first on the host line, followed by the parents of the groom (obviously, invert this order if the groom’s parents are hosting). If you’re trying to move away from the stiffer confines of the tradition, or if you’re paying for your own wedding, consider wording your host line in a way that emphasizes you and your fiancé as the stars of the show. Like we said before, your invitations are a reflection of your wedding; don’t be afraid to put yourselves first!

  2. Be careful about how you address your invitations. This is especially important if you need to enforce a strict guest count due to your venue or financial restrictions. On your outer envelope, include only the names of the specific people you’re inviting. To indicate that someone is welcome to bring a date, include the words “and guest” after their name. Without this added detail, no one should expect to bring a plus-one. In the same vein, an adults-only wedding should include just the names of the invited adults (most discerning guests will take mental note that “and family” or some similar phrase is not tacked on after their names), but also a line near the bottom of the invitation stating that yours is not a child-friendly event.

    (Photographer: Star Noir Studio)

  3. Check your proof compulsively. Check it once, twice, a thousand times looking for any possible error or oversight. Once you approve your final proof, there’s no going back, so you want to be as thorough as humanly possible. This includes ensuring that all names, dates, times, and locations are correct and fully spelled out, as well as checking that you have the proper punctuation in each sentence. Could you imagine receiving your invitation order and noticing an error once everything has already been printed? Save yourself the stress and proofread everything very carefully, perhaps even letting some close family or friends give it a once-over as well.

(Photographer: Leah Moyers)

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