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February 10, 2015

The Bride Guide: The Accommodations

Tips for Booking a Hotel Block for Your WeddingLakeside Wedding near Knoxville TN

When it is time to look for wedding guest accommodations and book a block of hotel rooms for your guests to reserve there are several things you should consider. Start with the proximity to your venue. You will want options that are both convenient to the venue as well as amenities like restaurants and entertainment or unique sites.

Keep travel in mind when looking for hotels. Look for not only short distances but convenient and easy drives.  Google Maps is your friend. It will not only show the distance, but also time to travel in minutes and map out nearby amenities.Meadhaven on the Lake

Take a look at your guest list and think about whom you are inviting. Would a family friendly environment be best? Or what about something near downtown nightlife?   I recommend booking accommodations at different price points so your guests have options when it comes to cost. When you take into account the price point and type of environment of different hotels, you will most likely realize you need to offer more than option. If you are having an extra large wedding or expect a more than usual number of out of town guests at your event you should definitely book at least two different places.
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It is always a bonus if travel, such as a shuttle to and from the venue, is available, especially if it is for free. Ask your venue for suggestions as they will most likely have several options and may know of specials. Use reviews and referrals if you cannot visit the site in person before the event.

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Some accommodations will seek a contract from you for a minimum commitment for a certain number of rooms to be booked by your guests. Read contracts in depth before signing anything so you are aware of any financial commitments on your behalf if guests do not fill rooms you block off. Many accommodation sites will release rooms in your block 30 days prior to your event so they do not risk having rooms that go with reservations. Remind your out of town guests of this on your wedding website so procrastinators don’t wait too long to book.   All accommodation info should be included on your wedding website. It is best to put the information in the invitation set as well, and everyone loves a map!

 Where will your guests be staying for your wedding?

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