July 31, 2018

Three Tips to Include Pets in Your Wedding

As many pet owners will attest, your fluffy friends are a central part of your life. Accordingly, you may want to include these companions in your wedding festivities somehow. Below, we’ve outlined a few ways to incorporate your pets into your wedding, and we hope you enjoy!

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  1. Make your furry best friend your ring bearer or flower girl! Besides, who doesn’t love a bowtie collar or a little puppy skirt? Simply tie your rings to their collar or outfit and make sure they know how to walk straight down the aisle. This works best for pets who are friendly and well-trained—just be ready in case stage fright gets the best of them. Before you show up on your wedding day with your four-legged ringbearer in tow, however, be sure to check with the venue to ensure that they are animal friendly. It would be a pretty big upset to your perfect day to find Fido’s not invited after all.

    (Photographer: Break the Mold Photo)

  2. Does your venue not allow animals, or is your little one just a touch too skittish to participate in the action of the day? Consider including him in your engagement photos or hiring a pet sitter to bring him for some outdoor wedding photos. That way he’s still commemorated as an integral part of your day without sacrificing his comfort or your venue contract. Talk to your photographer in advance, too, to see if she has any suggestions for fun shots highlighting your fur baby.

    (Photographer: Break the Mold Photo)

  3. Another solution to include these little angels is to dedicate some part of your wedding to them. From your cake topper to your favors or the signature cocktails at your bar, there are so many opportunities to dedicate a piece of the party to your pets. One of our favorites from this year’s wedding season was wedding favor cookies in the shape of bones. Each individually wrapped favor also came with matching dog treat so even the guests could include their own animals at home in the wedding day fun!

Can you think of any other ways to include pets in your wedding day? We’d love to hear them! Just email Otherwise, we’ll be back next week!


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