August 7, 2018

Wedding Rain Plan Tips

Nothing will ruin your wedding day (especially for an outdoor wedding) quicker than unexpected rain. Suddenly, you’re moving in chairs and ceremony décor at the last possible minute, not to mention the new level of stress that’s just been added to an already taxing day. You can avoid these unforeseen acts of nature, however, by creating a rain plan from the beginning. Below are a few suggestions for making a rain plan (or just learning to dance in it).

  • If you live in an area known for unpredictable weather, or if you’re planning a spring wedding, consider choosing a venue with a built in rain plan. Whether that means a barn, a house, or even a tent, the best way to avoid wedding-day weather anxieties is to ensure that you have an indoor option if the forecast predicts showers on your big day. Then, if you don’t end up needing it, you have nothing to worry about!

  • The most important detail of your rain plan, however, is deciding whether to use it or not, and that’s typically not a decision you want to make on the day of. Remember that your wedding planner, rental company, or venue coordinator will likely arrive on-site before you do on your wedding day, and as such may have already set up your décor (in fact, depending on who’s in charge of placing your rentals, it could have even been done the day before). In this case, if it begins to rain, your rentals will already receive a healthy wash of rain before they can be moved, which means that you will have to go back and wipe down anything that was left outside, a step that can cost valuable time on your wedding day. Accordingly, we recommend deciding whether or not to use your rain plan no later than the day before your wedding except for the simplest ceremonies with chair-only set-ups.

  • If you don’t find a venue you love with a built in rain plan, or if the weather changes at the last minute, or you really, really just want to try to get married outside, that’s okay! Simply have white umbrellas or rain ponchos on-hand if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Not only will your pictures be unique, but you’ll also have such a fun memory of letting go and dancing in the rain on your wedding day.

Do you have any other tips for a wedding rain plan? Email us at Otherwise, we’ll be back next week!


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