February 18, 2019

What To Think About When Choosing Your Flower Girls

Choosing the members of your bridal party is not an easy task as there are things that need to be considered. The bridal party includes bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids and flower girls. Choosing your bridesmaids may be simple if you have siblings as well as your very close friends, likewise with choosing your flower girls, it could be simple if you have children in the family. Meanwhile the difficulty of choosing comes along if there are no younger family members who could be one and yet you wanted flower girls to be part of the bridal party.

1. Godchildren/Close Friends’ Daughters

Normally, a flower girl is someone who is so close to the bride, usually the daughter or niece or a younger family member. Meanwhile, in cases there is none, the bride’s godchildren or the daughters of her close friends are the closest little girls who could play the role of being flower girls.

Adorable flower girl in white tulle dress.

2. Age

You can actually choose flower girls from one year old to ten years old, meanwhile the average age is usually 4-6 years old as sometimes those who are older than six are bigger than their age and may prefer to be junior bridesmaids. Four to six-year-old girls usually have the exact height, not too small and not too tall. With their lovely flower girl dresses and their baskets full of flower petals, the little girls within these ages are expected to have already enough confidence to walk down the aisle.

Flower girl walking down the aisle.

3. Number of Flower Girls

Having many flower girls is so adorable to look at. Some brides would only prefer to have one, just a little bride, whilst some are so fond of having a lot of flower girls marching down the aisle as it looks so love-able. Meanwhile having many flower girls would mean more expenses, as some brides prefer to buy the flower girl dresses. Along with the flower girl dresses, would be the baskets and flowers. If it is really the bride’s desire to have more little princesses that would precede her, she can either rent the flower girl dresses or if not, buy cheap flower girl dresses ahead of time. After all, money can be found but the joy the bride is desiring for her wedding only comes once.

Multiple flower girls.

4. Roles

The primary role of flower girls is to walk down the aisle with confidence, while scattering the flower petals along the bridal path. A girl who is too shy to do it cannot be qualified meanwhile if it is okay with the bride that the flower girl will be carried by the mother, then it could be done traditionally.

Flower girl admiring bride.

5. Talk to the Guardian and Child

A bride should talk to the guardian of the child if she is decided to consider the child as part of the bridal party. Meanwhile, talking with the guardian before giving the invitation with the child’s name on the list, would be a better idea to at least discuss some expectations, like who is going to buy the flower girl dress.

First look with dad and flower girl.

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